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Wildlife Preserve

Africa's animals are endangered. Poachers riddle the land. Nature itself is without mercy. You are one of Africa's daring rangers and you are tasked with keeping the animals that wander onto your preserve from harm. Expand your preserve, herd the carnivores away from the herbivores, and ensure that nothing gets unnecessarily eaten.

However, nothing in life is free. Expanding requires capital. How will you earn this capital? Do you take the moral path by giving private safari tours or do you take the darker path by allowing hunters to enter and take whatever prize they wish? These are some of the tough choices you must make while managing your WILDLIFE PRESERVE.


Why play the game?

Wildlife preserve offers a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of a park ranger in Africa.  Managing the wildlife is your responsibility!

The game combines elements of strategic placement, push your luck, negotiation, and territory building.

The game offers multiple goals which push you to rethink your strategy every game.  Will you be an aggressive land builder or will you push your luck by efficiently using existing space?  How will you effectively keep the predators from devouring the herbivores?  These decisions are all up to you.


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